Artists make art. Art can be beautiful, but also confronting, or even frightening. Many artists, like me, try to show their thoughts, their feelings and, many times, their vision of society. You are always able to find a message in my work.


Art is personal. You may like it, or not. I noticed society becomes less and less permissive regarding to real art and how it is portrayed. But please let us be aware that whatever restrictions society puts on art, this only will result in making art less and less valuable. 

Real art is a mirror of an era. Art reveals the stories of society in our history. Our thoughts and feelings of a specific period are mostly reflected in the remaining art.

Above all, my opinion is that art must be cherished for our future, so that future generations may be inspired by the lessons we leave behind.

Please note art is part of the artist. The way of sharing the art, is the choice of the artist. In order to keep art as valuable as it should be, it always comes with a price. In money, but, may be even more, in respect.

Let us unite to protect our art and let us open our hearts to connect with each other, instead of pushing each other away.

For this site, I framed some statements to keep things clear. So here we go!


All content on this website is owned by Marije De Gans. Where share and social media buttons are visible, sharing by the use of these buttons is always allowed. If not applied automatticly, a reference or a link to Marije De Gans Photography would be highly appreciated when any content will be shared. Please note copypasting or reproducing any unlinked or sourceless content from this site without written approval from Marije De Gans is strictly prohibited. 


In case my name and webadress is included, my Woordkunst mostly is specially designed to be posted on Social Media platforms, both for personal use as well as company pages. Simply save the pic on your device for further publicity.
However, when copying any of my other works without the above mentioned references, on your company website or any printed matter, you always will need my personal permission. Please contact me via the contact form before sharing or printing.


In specific cases, like certain illustrations or bookmarks, I aim for the use of images which are supposed to be free of any copyrights under the law of CC0 Public Domain. I use them with my best intentions, and I do not represent or make any warranties that I own or license
any of this work.

If you notice any media of which you feel to be the owner and you want it to be removed, changed, or credited more specificly, please send me an email by using my contact form so I can take the appropriate action.


I cannot get away from the impression, that our world changed over the last few years. Under the pretext of ‘Freedom’ or ‘democracy’, more and more restrictions are slightly imposed to us. We seem to have forgotten where the word ‘liberal’ comes from. Libertas is the original, Latin expression of freedom. And I hope that in the near future ‘libertas’ will revive to encourage people to grow, instead of restricting entire societies and forcing people to behave exactly like governing politicians want.

Real freedom will encourage people to grow and to become a better version of themselves, instead of trying to catch every human being in a delimited box, serving society.

In my work, I am aiming for a real free and open minded world, filled with respect and love.

Together we can make it happen!

With love, 


Marije De Gans

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